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Sept. 25, 2020 - Groundbreaking Ceremony

Nikki Symington, a respected writer of Native American issues, wrote the following inspired description of the American Indian Veterans Memorial for release prior to the two-years-ago Groundbreaking Ceremony. Please take the time to read her words; they describe the Memorial and remind us of the often-misunderstood history of the indigenous peoples of the land we call the United States.

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Setting our sights on the final goal!

Locating this memorial at a National Cemetery is the most respectful way we remember our indigenous veterans alongside the other warriors with whom they fought and served. It displays the service and courage that all United States military men and women share, regardless of their backgrounds, ranks, or beliefs.

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Memorial Day Welcome Home!

Because of the generous donations to the American Indian Veterans Memorial made by 24 tribes, as well as by many businesses, organizations and individuals -- the centerpiece sculpture for the American Indian Veterans Memorial at Riverside National Cemetery is very near completion! THE GIFT, in its twice life-sized bronze version, will be delivered to the Cemetery for a first viewing by the public on Memorial Day 2019.

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Description of "The Gift" by its sculptor

Description of "The Gift" by its sculptor, Thomas A Schomberg, Schomberg Studios. Hear the sculptor in his own words ...

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The Big Pour

We invite you to view a new 2 1/2 minute video that describes this next dramatic phase of the "Big Pour" during the production process of the monumental twice life-size statue, THE GIFT.

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